Bradfield Ringing Course


This year, we want to provide a virtual course that provides practical experience for our students, as well as providing a timetable of activities for our regular helpers.

We are aware that some helpers may not wish to take part in the practical sessions on Ringing Room. You are still welcome to sign up to be included in the webinars and social activities.

As always, when you choose which groups you can support as a helper, please be as realistic as possible and list only those that you are absolutely "safe" to help with. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but you may be expected to stay right when others are struggling, asked to call a specific touch, or ring a variation on the method at short notice, so please bear this in mind when choosing a preferred group.

Personal Details

Virtual Ringing

To support our students this year, we will be grateful for help from people who have experience of ringing on virtual ringing platforms such as Ringing Room, Ding or Handbell Stadium. Please indicate your experience of these below :

Unringable - I would prefer not to do any virtual ringing, but would like to take part in the webinars and social events.

Uneasy - I have little or no experience of virtual ringing but would like to help others and would be happy to give it a try.

Reliable - I have some experience of virtual ringing and can generally stick to my own line if everyone else does too.

Dependable - I have been ringing regularly on virtual ringing platforms and would be able to give support to others where necessary.

Which group?

Your role is to support the students, so please do not treat this as practice or training exercise! Please indicate which groups you would be interested in helping with :

Please accept my application to be a helper on the Bradfield Ringing Course in one of the Groups requested. I give permission for the details on this form to be held on paper records and on computer. The information will only be used by Bellringing Courses Limited for the organisation of the Bradfield Ringing Course and not shared with any other person or organisation.