Bradfield Ringing Course


This year, we intend to provide a virtual course that provides practical experience for our students, as well as providing a timetable of optional activities and social events.

We will be providing our usual tutorial sessions, with practical sessions on the Ringing Room virtual ringing platform.

Due to the relatively low costs involved in running virtual webinars and the generous dedication and effort of our volunteers, we do not intend to charge any fees for attending the course.

Before you apply for the Course, please read through the information about Groups, as it will help you select a group that is suitable for you. You may wish to discuss your current rate of progress with your local tower captain, so that you can choose a group that will be beneficial to your tower when you return.

You will receive a copy of your application by email, and we will contact you once your place has been confirmed - this normally happens around the beginning of May. Once accepted, if you are no longer able to attend the course, we ask that you please contact us as soon as possible so that your place can ba offered to someone else.

Personal Details

Which group?

Before you make your mind up, please read the "Deciding on a Group" section carefully. If you are in doubt about which group to enrol for and you would like to discuss it, please phone Vicki Rowse on 01722 714877 for a chat.

Please accept my application to be a student on the Bradfield Ringing Course in the Group requested. I give permission for the details on this form to be held on paper records and on computer. The information will only be used by Bellringing Courses Limited for the organisation of the Bradfield Ringing Course and not shared with any other person or organisation.